Traffic incident scenes are a very dangerous place to work. Too many responders are injured or killed every year in incident scenes. One of the most important keys to improving our responses is teamwork. Teamwork at the scene and with the off-scene support personnel is a multi-discipline effort that requires everyone to be involved. We have to train together so that we can respond efficiently together.

There are two different training classes available. A couple example figures of what to expect from training material are shown below.

Primary Ohio TIM Training

The main Ohio TIM class is roughly 4 hours long and targeted for any/all responders. Training information shown below.

For those unable to attend an in-person training, there is also training available online through the Ohio Fire Academy.

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Contractor TIM Training

There is a separate construction focused training for construction personnel working along the roadway. Please register here. This class is roughly 2 hours long. Please note: this class is required for any contractor working on ODOT projects that include Plan Note 642-45.

One concept that is introduced during training is the National Unified Goal for Traffic Incident Management.

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