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Mission Statement – “Committed to maintaining the safe and effective flow of traffic during emergencies as to prevent further damage, injury or undue delay of the motoring public”

OTIM is the state’s traffic incident management program comprised of several agencies, including ODOT, local and state law enforcement agencies, Fire, EMA, and towing and recovery services. These agencies work together to safely and efficiently clear traffic incidents on Ohio highways.

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Traffic incident scenes are a very dangerous place to work. Too many responders are injured or killed every year in incident scenes. One of the most important keys to improving our responses is teamwork. Teamwork at the scene and with the off-scene support personnel is a multi-discipline effort that requires everyone to be involved. We have to train together so that we can respond efficiently together.

Over the years, TIM training has generated a number of success stories in Ohio.

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Ohio TIM will provide resources for all responding agencies in the State of Ohio. Example resources include sample After Action Review powerpoint templates and the emergency responders guidebook.

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