Success Stories

Success Story from Ohio

Below is an excerpt from an email sent from a Fire Chief to a trainer of the Ohio TIM class. This email was sent shortly after he participated in a TIM training class:

The class has only been going on for two days and has already had positive results. The officer I work with attended the TIM class today and as luck would have it we had a difficult car accident to deal with. It was difficult to block the emergency scene because it was located in a intersection. As we were clearing the scene we used a CPD cruiser with a push bar. Now for the best part. The individual that attended your class today told me “I just learned that today”  Just a little feed back that this class has already made a positive impact for the members of CPD, CFD and the public.

Issue 49 (available online) of the FHWA Innovator captured another success story in Ohio:

Ohio’s training push has touched the entire responder community, from law enforcement and fire to towing and public works. In one case, a crash in Mansfield requiring a medical helicopter closed I-71 for only 20 minutes because crews had learned quick response techniques.

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